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Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy &
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Do you suffer from ....


Symptoms you may be experiencing if your Hormones are out of Balance.

  •  My sex drive is gone or low
  •  I have hot flashes and night sweats
  •  My sleep is difficult and not restful
  •  I have recent changes in my mood-new anxiety and /or depression
  •  I have no or low energy
  •  I can’t remember names of things and feel mentally foggy
  •  My strength and exercise tolerance is diminished
  •  My joints ache and I have a new onset of arthritic symptoms
  • Other symptoms you can discuss with Medical Staff 

Is it Me? or is it

My Hormones?


If you suffer from any of the above or other symptoms, You may benefit from Bio identical (Natural) Hormone Replacement Therapy.  We offer a Free Consult to discuss your symptoms and see what therapies can be done to maximize benefits and minimize risks.

What is Bio identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

BHRT- is a method for delivering natural substances to your body to help boost or balance your hormone levels back to normal levels to reduce symptoms and increase quality of life. BHRT is administered by an insertable pellet that contains plants, yams, soy that contain precursor molecules that can be converted into your bodies hormones. BHRT has been used for over 20 years and has had very favorable results while helping to limit risks of Synthetic Hormone Replacement or living with Hormonal Imbalance.  

Synthetic (pharmaceutical) Hormones Can Be patented which can allow for a company to corner the market and increase their profits.  In the late 1800's a US law prevented pharmaceutical companies from patenting "natural substances".  The natural substances that are used in BHRT can not be patented by pharmaceutical companies for delivery; so Millions of Dollars of advertising are not spent to introduce the treatment to you via commercials and other advertising media.


Who uses BHRT?

Men & Women both can benefit from BHRT, as we age our bodies make less of the hormones we need and we get out of balance.  Supplementation of many things like, vitamins minerals has always been an accepted form of supplementation.  Why not the Hormones we need???? Now they are :)


What to expect if your would like to become a patient of BHRT.

First thing is we offer a Free Consult to discuss any questions you may have and to familiarize yourself with our clinic.

After that here is what you could expect, but treatment is on a case by case basis and all cases are treated as such.  Your health history is unique to you and we specialize your treatment for your benefits.

1.  Free Consult with our Medical Staff

2. Health History and reviews of sign, symptoms & disclosures regarding BHRT

3. Blood Sample- we will take a sample of your blood to help asses your personal need for therapy and amount of supplementation.

4. Review of Lab Results with our Medical Staff and Consult for recommended course of treatment.

5. Treatment with Pellet Therapy and insertion of BHRT

6. Follow Up assessments, to review your symptoms and monitor your Hormonal Levels 

7. Each pellet insertion last approx 3 months at which time you will be consulted on continuing with BHRT and adjusting your hormonal levels to improve effect or decrease any risks.

BHRT is not designed or implied to "Cure or Prevent" any sort of disease or illness.  BHRT has been successfully created to help restore Balance, Wellness and an absence of symptoms that negatively effect Quality of Life as we unfortunately ... Get Older :(


If you have any questions regarding BHRT please call our office at (678) 455 8800 and ask for a Free Consult to discuss BHRT or fill out the form to the right and ask for a Free BHRT Consult.  Cumming Med Spa Specialists in Wellness & Anti Aging.