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The Products We Love And Use Are Also Available To You!

We carry multiple lines of Rhonda Allison so you can find the perfect one for you.

They include:

  • Acne Care
  • Age Management
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Naturally Scientific
  • Sensitive Rosacea
  • Specialty Care
  • Sun Protection

Latisse is used to increase the length, darkness and thickness of eyelashes!

You can see results within the first month and will reach max results in 16 weeks!


Biofreeze is a great product for pain. It’s a topical analgesic that contains menthol. The menthol creates a sensation that overrides pain signals to the brain. It also stimulates cold receptors in the skin that helps to regulate pain.

Active Wrap Back

ActiveWrap is made to get you the most out of your treatment. We offer these wraps for
each body part and they contain a inner gel pack that can be heated or cooled. By combining the heat/cold pack with the wrap its guarenteed to stay in place and offer a even distribution. That means you can wear it on the go!

These are perfect for anyone in your family because they come in numerous sizes! 

Check out several of the different options below!


Active Wrap ShoulderActive Wrap WristActive Wrap Hip

Active Wrap KneeActive Wrap Elbow

Active Wrap Foot